• From the original artefact

  • …to the authentic replica

My offer

  • 20% Discount for all purchases made by museums
  • Individual collection for your museum: Do you want to have jewerly in your museum shop that is relevant to your collection or exhibition? I regularly add new replicas to my assortment, with a collaboration I offer to dedicate the next number of replications I make to objects of your choosing from your collection or exhibition, in exchange for your museum to buy a number of the replicas I produce for you.
  • Authenticity: I offer, if possible, to come to your museum and inspect your original pieces in person, to make my replicas as authentic as possible, from material, to crafting technique, to details on the object.

My qualifications

I am an ovjects conservator with a background in chemistry. I hold a Master’s degree in Conservation of Art from the Austrian Universitiy of Applied Arts in Vienna, and a degree in chemistry from HTL Rosensteingasse, Vienna

My field of expertise is creating handmade replicas of historical metal objects. I offer to make faithful replications of pieces from your collection. These replicas can be used for exhibitions, sold in your museum store, or used for any other purpose, such as historical events. I specialize in pieces from the Iron Age and Viking Age, and I am open for projects from other time periods. 

In order to make the pieces, I need the exact dimensions and quality pictures of the piece.
If possible, I am also happy to come to your museum and take measurements of the pieces myself.
Through my academic training, I have expertise on handling historical artworks correctly and safely.
My replica pieces are handmade using authentic methods.