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Anglo-Saxon Silver Ring

Anglo-Saxon Silver Ring

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This is a beautiful example of an Anglo-Saxon ring design in silver. 
The original, found in the Themes in 1856, is dated between 775-850 and can be found today in the possession of the Victoria and Albert Museum in England.
It is one of the few high quality pieces of silver jewelry from the period. As gold got more scarce in the 7th century, the delicate filigree gold jewelry got partly replaced by intricate silver jewelry like this ring. 

The design shows a beast in the middle, its tongue and tail intertwined the rest of its body in a circular design, and surrounded by 4 other beast heads.

Scroll through the pictures to see the original artefact! (The photo on the white background)

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If you are unsure about your ring size, consult a local goldsmith or measure a ring that fits you really well. (The size options are equal to the inner circumference of the ring in mm)
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